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Help Choosing a Dog Carrier

My Dog is Between Sizes, Which Size Do You Recommend?

We generally advise a size small carrier for dogs up to 4.5kgs and a medium from around 4.5kgs to approximately 8/9kgs.

If your dog is on the cusp (by weight) between a small and medium carrier and likes to stretch out or if you also plan to use the carrier as a travel bed, you may prefer to go up to our medium size.

If your dog is on the cusp (by weight) between a small and medium carrier and you are mainly using your carrier as just a carrier and prefer a snug fit, then a small should be fine.

Top tip! You can pad out any excess room with a cosy blanket, you can also put a knot through the trigger hook inside to make shorter if required.

What Do Your Dog Carriers Measure?

Our Smallmeasures approximately 15.5" x 9" x 10" (39 x 23 x 25 cms). This is ideal for Puppies, Toy Breeds, Chihuahuas, Pomeranians etc.

Our Medium measures approximately 17" x 11" x 12" (43 x 28 x 30 cms). This is ideal for small dogs who need a bit more length or width e.g. Miniature Dachshund, Frenchie, Terrier etc.

Don't forget that your dog's head will be popping out of the front hole when measuring, so you only need to measure them from their collar to the base of their tail.

Help Choosing A Dog Collar

Please take the time to measure your dog before making a purchase to ensure they are comfortable. Teddy recommends choosing the size that gives the most room.

Measure the neck with enough room for two fingers to slide under easily 

Sizing (Breeds as a Guide Only)

Tiny 8-11": Puppy, Chihuahua, Maltese, Toy Breeds, Pomeranian, Petite Miniature Dachshund

Small 12-14": Jack Russell, King Charles, Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Miniature Dachshund

Medium 14-18": Cocker Spaniel, Frenchie, Dalmatian, Beagle, Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Large 18-21": Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd

Help Choosing a Dog Harness

Our dog harnesses provide comfort and style, fastening with velcro around the neck and chest. 

Our harnesses fasten around the chest with a thick strip of velcro for easy on and off access. No need to pull over the head.  

To measure the chest, measure around the tummy at the widest part. To measure the neck, measure just below the collar line.

Sizing (Breeds as a Guide Only)

Extra Small: Chest c. 12 - 14" and Neck 8 - 11". Ideal for Puppies, Chihuahuas, Teacup & Petite Miniatures

Small: Chest c.15 - 17" and Neck c.12 - 15". Ideal for Puppies, Small Frenchies, Miniature Dachshunds, Maltese, Small Terriers, Small Poodles etc 

Medium: Chest c.18" - 22" and Neck c.16" - 19". Ideal for Larger Terriers, Westie, Schnauzer, Shetland Collie etc 

Help Choosing a Dog Coat

Our coats come in six sizes. We recommend finding the coat with the best fit around the neck and tummy first, followed by the length.

Sizing (Breeds as a Guide Only)

XXS: Neck: 10-12" Chest: 13-16" Length: 9-11"

XS: Neck: 12-14" Chest: 15-18" Length: 11-13"

Mini Daxie: Neck: 10-12" Chest: 14-16" Length: 13-15"

Small: Neck: 14-16" Chest: 17-20" Length: 13-15"

Medium: Neck: 15-19" Chest: 19-22" Length: 15-17"

Large: Neck: 18-20" Chest: 21-25" Length: 17-19"