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Are You A Time 'Paw' Dog Parent? Meet Marianne from Protect My Pet...

Meet Marianne from Protect My Pet - an absolute saviour for time 'paw' dog parents! If you are anything like me, the end of the month comes around before you know it (how did we even get to November already!) and keeping track of flea and worming tablets can be a challenge with a multitude of other tasks on the to do list! But we all know it's super important and certainly not something to be missed.

So this is where Protect My Pet comes in...they deliver brand leading flea and worming treatments to pets across the UK. And with all their boxes tailored specifically to your dog or cat and delivered just when their treatment is due its certainly a no brainer for sure! When it arrives in the post it's time to dose. We love!

Protect My Pet

There's nothing we like more than championing the super women behind great new brands, so we spoke to Founder Marianne to find out more...

Marianne Protect My Pet

Holly: What inspired you to create Protect My Pet?

Marianne: My entire career has been focused on improving animal health. Before qualifying as a veterinary physiotherapist I enjoyed working in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. Working with vets and owners gave me a real insight to some of the concerns they shared about how best to keep pets healthy.

Keeping cats and dogs free of parasites is one of the first steps in protecting them from potential illness and disease. From working closely with vets I know they continue to see thousands of cases of parasites each year despite the availability of effective products on the market.

To help with this problem I wanted to make it easier for owners to stay on top of their pet’s preventative health care with a new, hassle-free approach. I am a huge fan of the convenience of subscription box services, and realised that a monthly tailored health box would be the perfect solution to keeping pets’ parasite free. Protect My Pet was born. 

Protect My Pet

H: What makes Protect My Pet different from other subscriptions services out there?

M: We are actually the only company to offer a completely tailored year-round plan for your pet that includes branded flea and worming treatments.

 H: Why is it so important to tailor your pet's treatment?

M: One size doesn’t fit all, so all our boxes are tailored to the individual pet. The frequency and dose of flea and worming treatments required will depend on the species, age and weight of your pet. It is important that the correct dose is administered to ensure the products are effective for the treatment and prevention of fleas and worms.

Protect My Pet

 H: How do you keep motivated as an entrepreneur?

M: I really believe in what we are doing. Not only are we keeping pets healthy and parasite-free, but we are also making the lives of busy pet owners that bit easier. We are now in a position where we can start to support pet charities and as we grow we will be able to support more charities and give back to pets less fortunate; that is a real driving force for me.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and seeing our online reviews and hearing from happy customers drives us to continue on even the toughest day.

 H: So it sounds like things are pretty non stop at the moment, but what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

M: Spare time? Ha, this is a bit of a work in progress for me at the moment. The business requires most of my attention but I do make time to get away once a month, whether that’s in Yorkshire to spend time with my niece and nephews or to visit friends outside of London. Actually this month I will be enjoying a weekend away in Iceland – a gift from my partner (he has banned me from talking about Protect My Pet!). Iceland has been on my list for a long time.

 H: Do you have any pets?

M: We have a beautiful mixed breed dog called Dixie who is now 9 years old, a rescue from the Dogs Trust. Dixie has an important job as our chief tester. As well as our health boxes we also offer lovely tailored gift boxes filled with eco-conscious toys and healthy treats.

Protect My Pet

Thanks Marianne - sounds wonderful! We are certainly signing up - a year long way of ensuring your pet is safely protected from just £10.99 a month whilst also making your life that little bit easier - we're sold!

PLUS this month we're delighted that Protect My Pet are celebrating Thanksgiving with a very special offer! Enter the code DRESSTOIMPRESS at checkout to receive a Teddy Maximus Bow Tie with your box*!

It has to be a no brainer ;-)

Warmest Woofs,

Team Teddy


Photos: Follow the lady behind the lens @eva.espresso (instagram)

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