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Revealed! Our Latest Collab with ACME Whistles!

We are delighted to announce our pawtnership with ACME Whistles, featuring the world famous ‘Silent’ dog whistle! Craftsmanship and innovation is at the core of ACME Whistles so we couldn't be more proud to be collaborating with such a champion of British craftsmanship.

With a heritage dating back to 1870 these whistles are a work of art. In an age of digital technology, the sound of a whistle endures, because there is nothing quite like it! We are delighted to be working with the original and the best! In every one of its 15 decades, ACME has invented and patented a new and unique whistle!

And when you think about it, you'll find whistles everywhere! ACME Whistles appear in International Dog Trials, the FIFA World Cup, for safety in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and in Haydn’s Toy Symphony by the finest orchestras in the World! That's pretty cool right...take a look at their latest video below (plus more on that coming soon!)

Our NEW keyring charms come in a gold plated and rose gold version plus a ring for your keys or perhaps our Oops! bag so you are never caught short! Check outthe leather dog charm detail with our little gold foil dog emboss. Each keyring charm is handmade in a London Leatherworks and comes with an instruction card from ACME.


Did you know...

    • Much of the whistles original elegant shape from the period of Art Deco has been retained having been conceived by Clifford Hudson, son of ACME founder, Joseph. We just love the heritage and stories behind this incredible brand! 
    • No "silent" dog whistle is truly silent. If it were nothing would be able to hear it! The word ‘silent’ is written in inverted commas because you can hear it, BUT only just.
    • What your dog hears is really loud and travels up to 1.5km.
    • Adjustable through a wide range of frequencies using a screw piston mechanism enabling you to tune it to suit your own dog, this is the most versatile silent dog whistle that can be used with all breeds. 

ACME Silent Dog Whistle

 Ben McFarlane, ACME Whistles says:

“We have watched Teddy Maximus grow as a business and are excited to be working with them on this project. As a proud UK manufacturer we champion British innovation, design and production, something that Teddy Maximus demonstrates greatly. Im sure this is the start of a long lasting relationship."

 We'd love to see how you get on with your dog training and the 'Silent' dog whistle. Remember to tag us @teddy_maximus and @acmewhistles on Instagram! 

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