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How To Choose the Perfect Dog Carrier for Your Puppy

Many congratulations! With your new arrival shortly on their way home, you'll probably be thinking about what you need for them. What better way to keep those precious paws close than a dog carrier designed for spending quality time with your furry friend.

Our dog carriers come with different features to make pawrenting a breeze. From trips to the vets, on public transport, to shops or cafes, there are so many wonderful moments to enjoy with your four legged friend. A Teddy Maximus dog carrier enables you to enjoy adventures with your puppy whilst socialising them in comfort and style! 

Dog Carrier for Puppy

Let's take a look at some pointers to help you choose a dog carrier that will work for you and your pup...

  1. Dog Breed - many dog breeds such as Dachshunds and Chihuahuas love to feel secure and cuddled. You may want to look for a dog carrier that is fleece lined to keep them feeling safe such as The Richmond.
  2. Weather - do you love adventuring outdoors in all weathers? We certainly get our fair share of rain in the UK. Look for a dog carrier that has waterproof benefits for exploring in the rain! Our Adventurer Carrier comes with an Aquaguard zip too.
  3. Lifestyle - will you be socialising your pup in cafes, restaurants and on public transport? It's great to get them used to being in all environments, new sounds and smells. A dog carrier with adjustable straps helps you to navigate shops with ease such as The Explorer
  4. Style - we recently launched a Tote style dog carrier for those who like the versatility of a shoulder strap and handles in one. This carrier looks just like a handbag and great for taking your pup into shops! Features such as a removable, washable liner come in handy too!
  5. Travel - do you love to go places? Consider a dog carrier that can double as a handy travel bed and a happy home from home when on the go. Our 2-in-1 dog carriers unzip all the way, perfect for busy dog mums and dads! Familiar smells and surroundings from home can work wonders for settling them at night, meaning a better break for you and for them! Check out the full collection here.

 Dachshund Dog Carrier

A dog carrier is a great tool for dog mums and dads on the go - we recommend introducing a dog carrier to your pup once they've had plenty of exercise and in need of a rest. It's the pawfect place to relax in with a personalised blanket and treats. Getting your puppy used to a dog carrier on the floor first is a great way of helping them feel settled.

puppy dog carrier with dachshund inside

We hope some of these tips have helped, and we wish you many happy moments with your new puppy! If you are interested in some more tips, check them out in this video below.

Warmest woofs,

Holly & Teddy xxx


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