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Luxury Dog Beds

We understand that your furry little family member deserves only the best. Our luxury dog beds can help you achieve just that. We design our beds with your pooch’s preferred slumber style in mind to ensure that they have the perfect amount of space to stretch, curl up, and have a restful snooze.The perfect place for your pooch to catch some zeds…and maybe dream of a squirrel or two!

Our cushions are plump with soft filling, fully removable and machine washable on a low spin.

Plus you can now design your own dog bed with our NEW Deco Nests with interchangeable cushions! 

Luxury Dog Blankets

Our luxury dog blankets are lovingly crafted in England. Finished with a blanket stitch and available in various stylish colours they can be personalised with your furbaby’s name (up to nine characters) for that extra special touch. Our blankets are made of high-quality fleece for enhanced warmth and comfort, so you might even want one for yourself! Our luxury dog blankets are perfect for throwing across your sofa, in the car, their bed or dog carrier.

What to look for when buying a dog bed?

Dog beds come in many shapes and sizes (and fillings) and finding one to suit your dog so that they are comfy and ready for a good nights sleep is key to you both getting some good rest! A round cocoon shape is great for dogs who like to curl up and like the comfort of being surrounded on all sides whilst they snooze. A rectangle shape is practical and popular, typically offering a higher side for support and a lower side at the front so your pooch can easily hop in and out. A nest shape offers the best of both worlds, a structured and comforting circular shape with higher support sides. Look for beds that can be thrown in the wash – our beds have detachable cushions that can be washed separately, which saves the whole bed going into the wash each time.

What is the importance of dog beds?

Dog beds give your dog a cosy resting spot where they can rest their tired paws away from the hustle and bustle of the household. This may be particularly important for puppies who need plenty of rest or more senior dogs who like to watch the world go by somewhere warm and comforting. Your dog will associate their bed with the comforts of home and as we all know, there’s nothing quite like your own bed!