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What Carrier Size is Best for my Dog?

Our dog carriers are a great way of getting from A to B in comfort and style. From sneaky shopping trips or hopping on the train, to creating a happy chilled space, we are delighted that so many are enjoying their Teddy Maximus!

So you’ve decided to invest in a cosy little home from home for your pooch…but which carrier size should you go for?

Teddy Maximus Carrier

  1. Breed Guidance
      • In general, puppies, toy and miniature breeds are best suited to our small carrier such as Pomeranians, Chihuahuas, Maltese and petite miniature dachshunds. Daphne is in a small below.
      • Long breeds such as long haired miniature dachshunds are usually more suited to our medium carriers, giving more room to stretch out.
      • Small dogs such as King Charles Cavaliers, Terriers and Frenchies are generally best suited to our medium size. Our medium carriers give more width, height and length.

      Luxury dog carrier by Teddy Maximus

      2. Measure Your Pooch - measure your dog from their collar to the base of their tail. In general, dogs who measure up to around 43cms from the collar to base of tail are best suited to our small size and dogs who measure from around 43-55cms are best suited to our medium size. Teddy below is travelling in our medium carrier.

      Dog Carriers for long dacshunds

      3. Usage- our carriers also double as a dog bed – do you want a little more room so that your pooch can curl up for a quiet little snooze? If your dog is on the border between a small and a medium, we suggest you opt for the larger size. You can always pop a blanket in with your pooch too for extra padding and cosiness.

       Teddy Maximus Luxury Carriers also double as a handy dog bed!

      4. Peep hole – there should be enough room for your dog’s head to comfortably pop out when the carrier is zipped closed.

      Teddy Maximus Luxury Dog Carrier - Daphne the Dachshund

      Your Teddy Maximus will help unlock so many adventures together, enabling you to build a lifetime of happy memories!

      A few things we’ve loved learning about your Teddy Maximus:

      - We’ve loved hearing that it has allowed you to access shops together enabling you to enjoy retail therapy with your pooch!

      - It creates a safe space on the tube or bus for pooches who are often nervous when travelling on public transport

      - A favourite place to curl up at home, whilst watching TV!

      - It creates a comfortable place to chill in cafes and restaurants allowing you to relax knowing that your pooch is settled and happy

      - A cosy seat in the car, especially for long journeys (please remember to always attach a seat belt to your dog when travelling in the car).

      - We’ve heard from you that its a great place to store dog treats, poop bags and your purse too = hands free!

      - It has protected your pooches little paws on busy streets, escalators and public transport and even from hot tarmac.

      - Puppies who havent yet had their vaccinations have been able to get out and about with you, socialising to new sounds and places at a critical time in their development. 

      - A familiar place to help keep calm in when visiting the vets or in new situations

      - Your senior or poorly dogs who love to go out and be with you on walks but are struggling with distance are now enjoying walks with you :-) 

      We'd love to hear about your stories with your Teddy Maximus - feel free to comment can also shop our dog carriers here

      Teddy Maximus Carrier - luxury travel for you & your pooch

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