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Competition with Illustrator Bryony Fripp

When we heard talented London based illustrator Bryony Fripp was launching a new bespoke illustrated map of your favourite dog walk, we couldn't wait to find out more!  

Recently we've been enjoying dog walks with our new Oops! Bags, the pawfect stylish accessory for any stroll, so to celebrate together, we've launched a very exciting competition on Instagram!  We couldn't be more excited to partner with Bryony who's beautiful work has been commissioned by the likes of Kate Spade, Disney and Penguin.

Bryony Fripp

We caught up with Bryony to tell us more about her gorgeous bespoke illustrations...

Holly: Tell us a bit more about yourself and why you came to create your business. 

Bryony: I have been a freelance illustrator for seven years now. I was obsessed with drawing as a kid and the dream has always been to be able to draw everyday for a living. I have had many greetings card collections published, worked on some lovely books, run my online shop and worked with some incredible clients. 

H: Do you have any top tips for entrepreneurs?

B:My top tips to entrepreneurs would be to get a dog! haha! They are the best stress reliever and make you step away from your desk everyday! Don't compare yourself to others, you are unique and wonderful. Word hard and stay grateful. Always celebrate the small wins and learn from the mistakes. Always aim high and visualise your goals.

Bryony Fripp & Margot

H: What's the best advice you've ever been given?

B: Always go with your gut and believe in yourself, as if you don't, why would anyone else?

H: Tell us a bit more about one of your favourite illustrations in your collection, we love them all!...

B: It has to be my sausage dog butt. It's so cute and cheeky. It makes my heart sing every time someone orders it and it's the print people mostly associate with me.

H: And do you have a favourite illustrator?

B: My favourite illustrator is Stina Persson, I discovered her about ten years ago and I am in awe of everything she creates. Pure beauty. 

H: What's the inspiration behind your new bespoke map of a favourite dog walk?

B: I launched my map collection earlier this year and all of them depict special memories. The dog walk map is the perfect new addition - as a dog owner it's my favourite way to take some time out and have some carefree fun. These maps can capture your everyday walk or those beautiful walks where you treasured a moment.

Teddy Maximus & Bryony Fripp

H: We'd love to know a bit more about Margot May your gorgeous daxie!

B:Margot May is my little dream come true. I have always been obsessed with sausage dogs as you can tell form my many sausage dog prints. She isa tiny bundle of joy that sits on my lap everyday whilst i draw. 

H: And if you could go anywhere, what would your dream dog walk be?

B:Bali is on my bucket list and I can't imagine anything better than walking along the beaches and into the jungle with little Margot by my side. 

- Thanks so much Bryony! So lovely to talk to you! - 

Teddy Maximus & Margot

Check out @bryonyfripp on instagram and be sure to enter our competition! Follow both our instagram accounts, comment underneath our competition posts about your favourite dog walk and tag a friend! 

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