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Tips for photographing dogs

Photographing dogs can be tricky at the best of times, combine this with people (or even children) and things can get even trickier. They say never work with animals or children and at times we've photographed both for Teddy Maximus - and managed to have alot of fun too! 

So here are our top tips for a successful photo shoot!

- Get to know the dog first: rapport is key and this really shows through. Ensure your model has met the dogs he or she will be working with in advance and if you are planning on inviting a photographer into your home to do some images of your family and pets, ensure they love animals, have worked with them before and understand that you may have to go with the flow!

- Be prepared to adapt - different dogs feel comfortable in different situations. If your dog loves to run free, then plan a photoshoot outdoors. But be prepared for all weathers and plan accordingly! If your dog loves snoozing by the fire, then move your photos indoors and play on this theme

- Lights, Camera, Action - if you are planning a photo shoot of your own consider investing in some portable lights. A good pair of lights can be found on Amazon or Ebay for around £60. This really can make all the difference to a professional finish

- Treats - and lots of them! Ensure you have plenty of your dog's favourite food on hand to tempt them into sitting still and posing for the camera.

- Practice - if you are planning to invite a photographer to take some photos of your pooch ensure you practise what you would like your dog to do on the day - so if that means sitting in a certain spot, then spend a few days familiarising them with this and getting them comfortable. Ultimately, their favourite spot on the sofa might be the best place so consider working around this. If that doesn't work, how about moving their favourite blanket this spot to help them acclimatise?

- Praise - we all love to give our dogs love and attention, so plenty of praise for a job well done should always be the order of the day. Plenty of breaks in between posing are essential :-) 

Share your photos with us on Instagram @teddy_maximus using #teddymaximus 

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