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Meet Izzy & Her Yorkies


Izzy features in our latest collection shoot and has two beautiful Yorkies called Hugo and Dolly. We think they are absolutely adorable and wanted to find out more about them all!

We asked them a few questions on set of our latest shoot. 

Names: Izzy, Hugo & Dolly

Home town: London

Q: Izzy, where is your favourite place to go with your Huge and Dolly? Any recommendations for dog friendly days out?

My dogs love to run around Primrose Hill. It's a great park for dogs and there are always lots of friendly dogs to play with. The pubs around the area are also dog friendly, which is great for a post-walk beverage with your furry friend.

Q: What do Huge and Dolly love doing most?

They both love walking and making friends with other dogs in the park. Hugo loves to play with toys, whereas Dolly likes to chew every toy I give her!

 Q: What is their highlight of the day?

Definitely dinner time. They both have very healthy appetites for such little dogs.

 Q: What is their favourite food?

Hugo's is cheese. Dolly seems to love everything, especially other peoples food. She will be anyone's best friend if they feed her.

Q: What is their secret pleasure?

Dolly loves to cuddle up under my duvet, especially when it's cold. Hugo's secret pleasure is hiding socks. I find them in strange places all over the house. I once caught him hiding one in the tumble dryer that I'd left open! He could have been trying to help with the chores.

Q: What is their favourite Teddy Maximus item?

They both love their bow ties. Dolly has a pink one and Hugo has the duck egg one.  They look so cute and stylish in them. 

...thanks so much Izzy - great to find out more about Hugo & Dolly!


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