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Meet Eva & Amelia - Sloane Street's 'Fluffy Icon'!

We had the pleasure of meeting Amelia and her owner Eva recently and were delighted that they chose our latest 'Paint The Town Pink Collection' for their gorgeous blog shoot which featured some of our fav locations Biscuiteers and Peggy Porschen!

Love all things London and super luxe? Then head to their blog, where you'll discover the best that London has to offer for you and your hound!  Puppacino loving Amelia is a pooch with serious style, we promise you'll love following their latest adventures.

Dog friendly London

We caught up with them this week to find out more... 

Tell us a bit about yourself and Amelia 

Amelia and I feel like the two halves that make one. We are from London & go everywhere together. We are very in sync with each other, we always wake up at the same time. We both love taking City walks and stopping for some coffee. Amelia will decide it's time to stop before me and hop onto a chair outside a cafe as we walk past. People often say they've never met a better behaved dog, but the honest truth is I've never trained Amelia. She looks at me and can sense what she should do from my facial expressions, I don't have any commands for her. We love living this life together! 

pink rolled leather lead












 What was your inspiration behind the blog?

It was all rather spontaneous! I'd had a terrible day at work and felt very demotivated with life all together. I came up with the idea for our website while walking back home with Amelia. I've never felt more passionate about anything! By the following week I'd built the whole site, written 5 articles & mapped out a plan for the month. My father had just bought me my very first camera, this made taking photos all the more fun. I think the website very much looks like our personality, it's brought out the best in me & Amelia. I call it our happiness project!

What are your top tips for dogs owners when in London?

Most places really are dog friendly! Just go with your dog everywhere carefree and if they aren't allowed in or should be carried someone will politely let you know. 

Most venues & cafes will be happy to supply your dog with tap water, even if it's to take away. Don't feel shy to ask! A little bag of dog treats goes a long way to keeping your dog happy during a day out shopping!

dog treats












 What are your fav places to visit with a dog in London?

This is definitely the hardest question to answer!!

Breakfast: L'eto outside tables

Lunch: The Hari 

Dinner: Chiltern Firehouse 

Afternoon Tea: Egerton House Hotel

Bakery|Cafe: Peggy Porschen

Pet Shop: Purplebone Kings Road

Park: Hyde Park

How was it photographing our new Spring Collection?

We were so excited to get to be the first to model your new pink collection! We love to support London based companies like Teddy Maximus who use British workmanship. We felt that your collection looked just like us, it was a natural fit. Peggy Porschen, our regular coffee shop was the perfect setting - the pink & floral background for your beautiful light pink accessories. It was such a joy to get to do photographs for you, we love your wonderful pieces. Amelia has never looked cuter! 

Teddy Maximus dog bow tie

What are your top new discoveries for dogs in London recently?

Last month we found out that you could have afternoon tea with your dog at Egerton House Hotel in Knightsbridge! This is by far the funnest experience I could think of for anyone looking for an outing with their dog. Your dog will receive their own menu and will enjoy themselves at least as much as you will! 

What is a typical day like for Eva and Amelia?

I love using my espresso machine at home, Amelia knows she will get some left over milk foam and hops onto the kitchen chair to wait. I use my morning coffee time to catch up on Instagram while hand feeding Amelia her breakfast. Unless we have a particular blog in mind to shoot that day we get out to Sloane Square to walk around, grab some lunch and head to Hyde Park for a nice walk. After our walk it would be time for a second coffee session before heading home. Our evenings are spent cuddling on the sofa working on our blog.

What are your hopes and dreams for the blog into the future?

My vision for the blog is for it to be exclusively about London. We hope to inspire & enable more people to take their dogs out with them instead of leaving them at home. Because of Amelia's early popularity with brands we've been very busy with collaborations. I'd love for our blog to settle into two blogposts a week, one highlighting a dog friendly location in London and the second a product or brand we love. 

For me the blog is just as much about Amelia as it is about dog friendly London. Sloane Street's social media called Amelia 'Chelsea's fluffy Icon' - I think Amelia being recognised as apart of Chelsea would be a dream come true. 

Read their latest adventures HERE!


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