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How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed

If you’ve found this article in search of tips for choosing the perfect dog bed for your four-legged friend, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss how you can choose the perfect dog bed for your pup based on their size, sleeping habits, and needs, as well as ease of use for you! We’ll also cover the value of luxury dog beds and how you can ensure your dog is getting the best and most restful zzz’s.

Consider Size, Shape and Sleeping Habits

The first thing you should consider when purchasing the perfect dog bed for your pooch is their size and sleeping habits. 

You may feel like buying a medium-sized dog bed for your small dog is quite useless, especially when they look comically tiny by comparison. But considering your pup’s sleeping habits in conjunction with their size is important. Your dog may like stretching their little body out as far as it’ll go whilst in a deep slumber, in which case a rectangle or nest shape might work best. 

Similarly, if you may have a dog that likes to curl up and feel snug and supported while they sleep, a round cocoon could be the pawfect match. And in this case, purchasing a bed on the smaller side may actually be the way to go! 

Here at Teddy Maximus, we sell a range of luxury dog beds in various sizes to help support your pet while they’re sleeping. Whether they like to feel cosy with their favourite blanket or need a bit more room to stretch, we’ve got everything your pooch could need for a comfortable and restful snooze.




Compare Quality of Fabric & Filling

One of the best qualities the perfect dog bed can have is comfortable fabric which is generously filled to stay plump and comfy to support your dog. There’s nothing worse than buying a new pyjama set or a duvet cover online and realising that the material isn’t quite as cosy or soft as you thought it would be. So why shouldn’t your pup feel the same?

High-quality fabric can be the difference between pure bliss and an irritated and disturbed sleep. So a luxury dog bed made of high-quality comfy fabric can take your pooch to new levels of relaxation. 

A good way to determine the material your furbaby will like best is to pay attention to their favourite sleeping spots. Do they love that fleecy throw on your sofa? Or do they prefer something cooler to chill on? 

Ensure Ease of Washing

If your pup is partial to playing in puddles, they can probably get quite a bit of mud on their bed. 

The perfect dog bed for you and your pooch will be easy to regularly clean. Here at Teddy Maximus, all of our luxury dog beds are machine washable with detachable cushions, which will give you peace of mind when keeping up with the wash load!

 Remember Portability

If you and your pooch love to travel and explore together, our luxury dog carriers provide the pawfect 2 in 1 dog bed solution to get some extra zeds!

Senior dogs and puppies need their rest and many dogs just like to take time out whether at home or when out and about in a cafe, shop or restaurant. Our dog carriers provide the perfect 2 in 1 solution to bed down on the go - simply pop in a blanket and tuck the straps under your carrier for a handy snooze spot.

Our large size carriers come with the handy addition of a memory foam cushion insert which is ideal for bigger dogs and those needing a bit more support.

Luxury Dog Beds at Teddy Maximus

Here at Teddy Maximus HQ, all our dog beds are personally road tested by Teddy the Dachshund and our puppies Arthur and Bear to ensure we have the perfect dog bed for your four-legged friend. It’s fair to say with a three dog household they have to stand the test of time! 

We use high-quality, machine-washable materials to make our dog beds to ensure maximum levels of comfort and style for your pet whilst they are sleeping. 

We have a range of different styles, all in colours that will sit beautifully in your home. You may also like to pop in one of our matchingpersonalised pet blankets to provide that extra-personal touch! So cute and cosy.

Browse our range of luxury dog beds here at Teddy Maximus with the tips we’ve provided to help find your pup the perfect dog bed.

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