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How to Choose the Best Dog Carrier for Me & My Dog?

When we first got Teddy, there was nothing better than taking him out with us on adventures. But we’d soon find his adorable little puppy legs would grow tired and he'd love nothing more than to be carried (we later learned that refusing to walk in the rain is also a stubborn trait of this adorable breed!)

Our little cream dachshund is the one who inspired the creation of Teddy Maximus, from which we sell luxury dog carriers and accessories for every dog size. He’s certainly a dachshund of distinction who knows exactly what he likes. Since then, nothing’s changed when it comes to going on adventures together, it’s still the best. 

The only difference is that we now go for walkies with our very own luxury dog carriers, tried and tested by Teddy, to ensure they pass the paw of approval before launch. Some things don’t make it, and we guarantee the carriers you see for every dog size in our shop are the best of the best.

Luxury Pink velvet dog carrier with Teddy the Dachshund

We are often asked,'which small dog carrier is best for me/my dog?'and 'which size dog carrier should I choose?' so we've put together a handy little guide for you... And for those of you who are thinking; 'why do I need a luxury dog carrier?'just know that it’s simply been a lifesaver on many occasions. Keeping Teddy secure and content on public transport, providing him a little comfy place in cafes, concealing him while sneaking into shops, comforting him at the vets, allowing a time out from visitors, protecting those little legs from escalators, the list goes on.

Luxury dog carriers, regardless of your dog size, can be the difference between a pleasurable experience or a scary trip for your furry friend. 

But before you choose one, here are some helpful guidelines to narrow down the selection.

 1. Consider what you're using the dog carrier for 

The intended purpose of your small dog carrier will influence the type best suited for you and your pooch. For example, if you’re on the move around town when it’s particularly cold outside, our soft-sided luxury dog carriers will be an integral accessory to your trip. Not only are they lightweight, comfortable to carry, and easy to pack, but they’re incredibly secure and cosy! Additionally, all styles of our carriers fully zip open to become a handy travel bed for dogs in need of some shut-eye. 

If you fly regularly and want to take your little friend on a getaway, you should always check with your airline to ensure your small dog carrier adheres to the numerous different size and construction requirements in place. Fortunately, we offer many styles of luxury dog carriers. So, if the carrier you want isn’t suitable for air travel, we’re sure to have something that will be.

Luxury Pink Dog Carrier by Teddy Maximus

2. Measure your Dog 

Dog size is an integral deciding factor for which luxury dog carriers you should consider. Fortunately, we offer luxury dog carriers for small and medium dogs, as we’ve yet to manage a large dog on our shoulders! 

To determine the dog size you’re dealing with, we suggest measuring your dog’s height (sitting, shoulder height to the ground), length (from collar/neck to base of tail), and weight to select the correct size. As a guide, we recommend our small dog carriers for puppies and dogs up to around 4.5kgs (a small Yorkie for example) and our medium for dogs up to around 8-9kgs (a King Charles Cavalier for example).

Liberty Print Luxury Dog Carrier by Teddy Maximus

Top Tip: 

If your dog is between sizes we recommend considering going up a size to ensure they are comfortable. Don't forget that having slightly more room means you can use your carrier as a travel bed and make it extra cosy inside with one of ourpersonalised blankets. We also recommend making the harness clip inside shorter by knotting it. Doing so will not affect the longevity of the materials. 

3. Choose a Style 

When it comes to choosing a style for your luxury dog carriers, you should first consider your lifestyle with your pooch. Are you country types who love the outdoors? Then ourAdventurer collection, with waterproof fabric, zip, and base might be the one for you. You can also adjust the straps and wear it cross-body for versatility!

The Adventurer Waterproof Dog Carrier by Teddy Maximus

Are you fashionistas at heart who love luxe fabrics and closely follow the latest trends? Then theQueen Bee, theLouisor ourLiberty print might be what you’re looking for. 

Perhaps you love a timeless style? In which case, our plaid designs are always a firm fave and come with handy side pockets and a removable, washable cushion too. ThePink Shetland Wool andSand Shetland Wool come with some adorable matching pieces! So cute! 

Lastly, if you prefer vegan products, ourMarylebone, Melody, Richmond, and James styles are all vegan-friendly. They feature sophisticated neutral colours and are machine washable, and many of these styles also come with the option of a waterproof base as seen on our Liberty version below...

Luxury Dog Carrier with waterproof base by Teddy Maximus

We sincerely hope this post has been helpful. Wishing you lots of great adventures with your pooch. Don’t forget to tag us, as we LOVE to see! #teddymaximus on twitter:@teddymaximus Instagram: @teddy_maximus Facebook: @TeddyMaximusUK

Warmest woofs,

Holly & Teddy xxx

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