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Behind the Scenes in Seattle!

We were delighted to be invited stateside to Seattle this month as partner of choice for a very special shoot with the most handsome Golden Retriever Theo - part of the pawsome instagram pair know as The Golden Two. 

We went behind the scenes to interview super talented photographer and stylist Courtney Briones, mum to Theo and Haley who also works in the fashion industry. This is one seriously cool dog mum (or should that be mom)! 

Courtney tells us that she chose our Shetland Wool Bow Collection for just the right amount of sophistication and cute to complement Theo's very 'proper' character. We can't think of a nicer compliment. 

So Courtney, tell us a bit about yourself, we're intrigued...
We live in Kirkand, WA. I've always been an animal person and have had horses and dogs my entire life. I fell in love with the golden breed 7 years ago and got Haley shortly after from a breeder in California. Haley is very spunky and very sweet. My husband and I wanted a second Golden to keep Haley company. We flew up to Toronto, Canada where we got Theo. Theo is mellow, but loves attention. They make a good match because they balance each other out.

Tell us a bit about the Golden Two - how did your instagram feed come about?      I love taking photos and I love my animals, making them the perfect subject. Instagram is a fun way to express my artistic side and share our adventures.

Your latest shoot has been super popular on instagram, what was the look and feel? We wanted a shoot that was real, fresh and chic. We found the most beautiful farmhouse to shoot in that just felt "us." 

We'd love to know where you get your inspiration from when taking your pictures...  I work in the fashion industry and love the more  creative side of it. I enjoy making things beautiful  and capturing it to last forever in a photo.

So do you have any top tips for taking pictures with dogs that our readers could find useful? Patience! I grew up riding competitive dressage (equestrian) and trained horses in my younger 20's. Animals need patience and consistency in training. I love dogs because they are loyal, loving and always try to please!

- yes we totally agree! - 

We'd love to know more about life in Seattle, is it indeed a 'dog's life'? :-)
Seattle is very dog friendly. We are fortunate to have beautiful lakes and plenty of outdoor dog parks, as well as indoor dog parks for the rainy days. The skies may be grey a lot of the year, but it's always green here and the summers are the best.

If you swapped places with your dogs for the day what would you do and why?
I would have my parents take me to Cannon Beach, Oregon. This little city has so many dog friendly cafes, shops and not to mention the beautiful beach where I could run off leash! 

Last question, we'd love to know what's next for The Golden Two!
We love our lifestyle shoots and plan on bringing more real and fresh shots of our style to our followers. We want to bring inspiration and creativity to the dog world.

A huge thank you to @thegoldentwo and Courtney Briones for inviting us to be a part of their beautiful shoot! You can take a look at the exclusive shots here...more to follow soon! 
- x -

Featured on Theo: LARGE 18" collar Sand Shetland Wool, Sand Shetland Wool Bow Tie and Sand Shetland Wool Luxury Leather Lead

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