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10 mins with...Ben McFarlane ACME Whistles

Last week we were delighted to tell you more about our collaboration with ACME Whistles, the company behind the famous 'silent' dog whistle on our new Keyring charms!

ACME 'Silent' dog Whistle

We wanted to find out a bit more on this fabulous family business and how it's developed since 1870! We caught up with Sales Director Ben McFarlane...

H: Ben, we'd love to know what you are most proud of about ACME - there must be many reasons!

B: I would say the length of time that ACME has been going gives me a great amount of pride, to be still manufacturing nearly 150 years since inception is a massive achievement in my eyes. Our ability to still be relevant and to still be seen as the market leaders after all these years is wonderful to know.

ACME Whistles

Above: The original ad for the 'silent' dog whistle 

H: Definitely, your latest heritage campaign really bring this to life...

B: The Heritage Campaign was born out of wanting to showcase to a wider audience some of our most iconic products. For a company of such vast history we felt that it was incredibly important to not let that pass, and for an entire range to encapsulate this. We wanted to champion our history & heritage whilst also being seen as progressive in how the items are marketed and presented. This enabled us to open up a whole new revenue stream into the gift world.

Play their latest video above!

H: So how has ACME stood the test of time since 1870?

B: ACME stands the test of time due to three simple reasons, quality & craftsmanship of product, understanding of market desires and needs & constant innovation. 

H: We'd love to know more about what 'made in Britain' means to ACME...

B: Made in Britain resonates with us as a firm as this is who we are, we are a proud UK Manufacturer who will always be that way. Quality in everything we do from the workforce we employ, to the standard of raw materials used, everything has to be of the highest calibre.

H: Finally, what's next for ACME?

B:We have our 150 years anniversary fast approaching in 2020 so that will be front and centre in all we are doing, whilst also constantly looking to innovate, improve and create the World's Best Whistles. Here's to another 150 years!

Below: Three generations of Hudsons (left to right) Clifford Hudson, Joseph Hudson and Leon Hudson. Joseph Hudson is the founding father of ACME Whistless, his son Clifford and Grandson Leon presided over the company for 112 years between them!

three generations of Hudsons - ACME Whistles

Quick Fire Questions...

1.Favourite City - New York

2. Perfect Dinner Guest - My Wife

3. Favourite Holiday Destination - The Maldives or Aspen Colorado @ Christmas

4. Favourite Food - My Nana's Homemade soup

5. Downtime is...spent with family 

6. Biggest Extravagance - My Wife's Engagement ring

7. Favourite Book - "Shoe Dog" by Phil Knight

8. Biggest Motivator - Myself

Thank you so much Ben, it's been fabulous talking to you! We are so delighted to be collaborating with someone who shares our passion for craftsmanship and products made in Britain! 
You can check out ACME on instagram @acmewhistles and see our new keyring charms here.

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