Off Leash K9 Training with Teddy – Teddy Maximus


Off Leash K9 Training with Teddy

Paws up who's got a Dachshund with selective hearing? Yep - so have we! It won't come as a surprise to you therefore that our cheeky sausage Teddy enjoys to do as he pleases - we love every bit of the diva in him (and boy does it suit him) but we decided that some more obedience training wouldn't go amiss! 

Off Leash Training

So when Off Leash Training offered us a trial session we were delighted. With fans including Ryan Reynolds and Oprah, Off Leash was perfected by founder Nick White, who is based in the USA and internationally recognised as one of the top 10 dog trainers in the world! Nick began honing his training skills at 14 years old, studying with countless industry experts. He also holds two world records in dog obedience. 

Our session was held in Richmond with trainer Hannah - who Teddy adored! Hannah grew up with dogs including a Newfoundland - a breed just a little bigger than Teddy ;-) 

Hannah from Off Leash

We started with a long 15ft leash to practise (or should that be refresh) recall and sit to perfect a pawfect 'off the leash' recall. The idea is that this should be so good that in busy urban areas even the loudest distractions won't deviate their path from you and your commands. Take a look at their New York video here of Ryan Reynolds' dogs! 

We also practised sitting and staying within the boundaries of a small square blanket. After an hour Teddy was totally under Hannah's command and enjoying the practise. Hannah trained Teddy like one of her own, using commands such as 'come', 'sit' and 'break'. 

Whether you are looking for high level precision or simply more discipline for a family pet, Off Leash offer many different packages - they even do a two week board - a serious bootcamp for every command you could ever need! 


If you have any questions about Off Leash training methods or would simply like to find out more visit their website or email

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