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Meet Daxie Blogger & Show Pro Jaime...

We've long adored (to pardon the pun) the updates from Jaime and her pooches, it's hard to resist the dashing looks of Severus and the pack who live on the Isle of Wight surrounded by some of the country's best beaches. Along with her Dachshunds Lily and Severus, Jaime also has three other family dogs. 

Jaime has had great success at shows including recent experience at Crufts, we wanted to find out more, so we spoke with them this week! 

Jaime & Sev

Jaime, we'd love to know how Sev & Lily came into your life...

Lily was staying with us along with two other miniature dachshunds, within a day of them being with us they had a massive fight to which the owner curtly told us to "rehome Lily, preferably before i'm back from holiday!" and needless to say she never left!  Sev was part of my 21st birthday present; following months of waiting for the perfect puppy! 

Sev wears Teddy Maximus Bow Tie

If you had to describe them both in three words each what would they be?

Lily: affectionate, spoilt & noisy!      

Sev: outgoing, funny & a bit mental 

What do you enjoy doing most in your spare time?

I love spending time with the dogs, whether thats playing in the garden or finding new dog friendly places to take them! 

Sev wears Teddy Maximus

We were so delighted that Sev qualified for Crufts in 2017 - what were the highlights of competing?

I think with Crufts it's the atmosphere! Theres such a buzz especially in the run up, but being on the infamous green carpet was a bit daunting though!

You've also had great success at other competitions across the UK, we'd love to know about some of them, how do you prepare?

Most recently, Sev competed at a championship show in Newbury, he went into a mixed breed class under a well known Finish judge, won his class and got a brilliant write up! I think he's brilliant so it's nice when other people agree! 😊 Preparation wise, he also goes to the groomers for a pedicure. 

Any top tips for people thinking about competing?

Have a look online and see if there are any clubs local to you, then head to one of their training evenings, who knows you might really enjoy it! 

Sev and Lily are clearly highly trained but what's the funniest/wierdest thing they've both ever done?

If Lily doesn't want to do something (e.g. going out for a wee in the rain!) she plays dead

If you had to finish this sentence what would it be..."life without a Dachshund would be xxx"


Sev eats ice cream!

We'd love to know if you have any fav Teddy Maximus accessories?

Oohh, I adore our collars, especially the Rose collar, but I also love the carriers which I really need to invest in! 

And what are your fav ways to spoiling your pooches?

I love to buy the gang new toys, Sevy loves anything that squeaks - I always buy him a present after he's competed, either some tasty treats or a new toy!

Lastly, we love reading your blog for your latest updates, what's the best thing for you about blogging...

Definitely the people and friends i've made, the blogging community really is lovely and i've made some of my closest friends through it😊

Thanks so much Jaime - great to catch up... a huge congratulations to Sev who won his class at Midland Dachshund Association just this Sunday too - what a fab team!

Sev wears Sand Shetland Wool Harness

 You can follow them on Instagram HERE, head over to their blog HERE.

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