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How to Have the Best Day Trip with Your Dog

Every dog mum and dad knows that embarking on day trips with your dog can transform an ordinary day out into an extraordinary adventure! Whether you're planning a hike through the countryside or a visit to a pet-friendly beach, ensuring both you and your furry friend have the best experience requires a bit of preparation and know-how. This blog post delves into how you can make the most of travel with your dog, offering tips to enhance the enjoyment and safety of your shared adventures.

planning a day trip with your dog

Before You Leave: Preparing for a Day Out

To ensure a smooth and enjoyable day out with your dog, a little preparation goes a long way. Always ensure your pet's vaccinations and worming are up to date and that their microchip information is current, offering peace of mind should they wander off.

A dedicated doggy day trip bag is essential, filled with necessities such as water, a portable bowl, their favourite snacks, a sturdy lead and poo bags bags with enough room for your things too. Infact, we recently designed a dog walking bag for hands free, stylish adventures and George and Lulu's mum recently road tested it on their trip to Wales!

Dog Walking Bag by Teddy Maximus 

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Given the unpredictability of new environments, reinforcing recall commands can significantly mitigate potential issues - so always make sure you have some tasty treats on hand! This prep work not only secures your dog's safety and comfort but also sets the stage for a day of hassle-free exploration and fun.

Luxury Dog Walking Bag Tan & Taupe by Teddy Maximus

Choosing the Right Destination for Your Dog

It might sound obvious but selecting an ideal location for your day out is pivotal in ensuring both enjoyment and safety for your dog. Sometimes it's easy to get carried away by the idea of somewhere, only to discover it wouldn't be quite right! Delve into research to find spots that welcome pets and align with your dog's disposition and physical capabilities. These two look super happy to be in their surroundings tucked into their Teddy Maximus! 

dog friendly days out

Chihuahua puppy in Teddy Maximus Dog Carrier

Photo Credit: @lilacpawsteddy

Consider whether your furry companion would delight in the freedom of a dog-friendly beach or the serene ambience of a forest walk. It's crucial to pick places that provide enough shade and space to prevent your dog from becoming overstimulated or uncomfortable. We love the dog friendly guide from The DogVine and the sophisticated and exciting adventures you'll find with George and Lulu for plenty of inspiration!

George and Lulu Road Test Teddy Maximus Dog Walking Bag

The Journey: Making Travel Comfortable for Your Dog

Ensuring a comfortable journey for your furry friend is essential when embarking on day trips. If travelling by car, it's important to secure your dog properly, using a well-ventilated crate or a dog-specific seatbelt harness. This not only keeps them safe but also provides a sense of security. Consider popping in a familiar blanket or toy to help them feel settled. 

Consider the temperature inside the vehicle and make sure it's comfortable for your dog, avoiding any direct sunlight on them - a foldable sun shade can be super handy. Planning ahead for frequent stops is crucial. These breaks allow your dog to stretch, have a wander and go to the toilet, preventing restlessness and discomfort.

If your journey is lengthy, try to include a few longer stops at places where they can enjoy a bit of playtime or exploration. Keeping the journey enjoyable for your dog ensures that the adventure begins the moment you both step into the car and this becomes a positive association.

Consider a Dog Carrier:

For young dogs, senior dogs or simply dogs who need rest at the end of the day, a dog carrier can be a great tool for travel. Our 2-in-1 dog carrier and travel bed is a handy tool for giving them a familiar home from home, perfect for popping into shops, cafes and restaurants. It can also make travel by taxi, train and bus much easier and helps protect little paws from busy areas! We just love the recent photos from @lilacpawsteddy of their recent adventures with the Cotswold Blue Carrier- totally acing adventures with their pup side by side!

Chihuahua in Teddy Maximus Dog Carrier

Chihuahua in Teddy Maximus Dog Carrier

Puppy in Teddy Maximus Dog Carrier

We hope some of these tips have helped!

Here is a short packing list for your Dog Walking Bagto help you remember the essentials!

1. Water & foldable bowl 

2. Treats and Dog Food

3. Poo Bags

4. Dog Wipes/Wet Wipes 

6. GPS tracker (such as Pit Pat

7. Spare Dog Lead

8. Plus your human essentials (purse, hand sanitiser etc)

Enjoy your trip and have fun! Don't forget to tag us in your adventures on Instagram @teddy_maximus

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