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This Summer's Tail-Wagging Guide: Keep Your Dog Safe in the Summer Heat!

Summer brings sunny days, ice creams, and long-awaited outdoor adventures, but it's essential to remember that our furry companions with their wagging tails and panting tongues, also require special care during the heat. In this guide, we will unveil some paw-some tips to ensure your dog's safety and comfort, enabling you to make the most out of the summer season together.
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1. Hydration Is Key:

Just like humans, dogs need an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated. During hot days, ensure that your four-legged friend has constant access to clean, fresh water. If they can't be tempted to take a drink, mix it up with a tasty chilled broth. Take a proactive approach by investing in a portable water bottle to keep your pup hydrated while on-the-go, transforming any adventure into a cool oasis for them. Our new dog walking bag has room for a collapsible water bowl and mini water bottle.

2. Shady Shelters:

Beat the heat by providing your dog with plenty of shaded areas to escape from the scorching sun. If you're lounging in your backyard or embarking on an outdoor excursion, set up a pup-approved oasis. Utilize a pop-up canopy or build a small shaded fort where your dog can comfortably relax without risking heat exhaustion or burning their paw pads on hot surfaces. Or better still, if you are unsure, stay cool indoors with a cool mat until it's safe to venture outdoors.
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3. Mindful Exercise:

Adjust your dog's exercise routine to avoid peak sun hours. Opt for morning or evening walks, when the temperatures are more bearable. Ensure that pavements are not scorching by performing the "5-second rule" test – if it's too hot for your hand, it's too hot for their paws. Engage in games that keep your pup mentally stimulated while reducing the risk of overheating. Consider creating an indoor treasure hunt with frozen treats - used tissue roll holders and cereal boxes stuffed with newspaper are great for hiding treats in. 

4. Sunscreen for the Paws and Nose:

Believe it or not, just like humans, dogs can suffer from sunburn. Light-skinned breeds are particularly prone. Apply pet-safe sunscreen to their ears, nose, and other exposed areas to shield them from harmful UV rays. Consult your veterinarian to find the most suitable sunscreen for your canine companion, making sunny escapades worry-free for both of you.

5. Refreshing Treats:

Help your pup stay cool with delectable, homemade frozen treats. Experiment with recipes like frozen watermelon cubes, yoghurt-filled Kong toys, or ice cube trays filled with dog-friendly broth. These chilly delights will not only provide relief from the heat but also serve as tasty rewards during your training sessions or after those endless games of fetch.

6. Pool Pals:

Introduce your dog to the wonders of swimming, if they haven't taken a plunge yet. Pools, lakes, or dog-friendly beaches can be a delightful escape from the summer heat.
Keep Your Furry Friend Safe in the Summer Heat

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