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Read the Top Reasons for Choosing a Dog Carrier ...with Help from Teddy

For dog owners on the go a dog carrier is the perfect solution! Not only can you travel in quintessential British style with one of our fabric dog carriers, they also unzip all the way and double as a handy bed. 

Help choosing a dog carrier

There are many great reasons to invest in a dog carrier...

1. Holidays & Weekend Breaks - carriers are a cosy way to travel whether by car (remember to always use a seat belt), helicopter or even private plane! Your pooch will be the envy of every dog as they snooze away the hours. Remember to always check ahead for the regulations of each travel provider as they can vary. 

Teddy says "One of my favourite places to stay is the very dog friendly Salcombe Harbour Hotel. For my latest journey I chose the Sand Shetland Wool carrier which saw me snooze from London to Devon"

2. New Puppy!Once your puppy is weaned, they shouldn't mix with other dogs – or play anywhere that other dogs might have been – until after their second vaccination. The first vaccination typically takes place at six weeks, followed by a second vaccination two to four weeks later...and that's a long time to wait for your pup who wants to explore! Hopping into a carrier is a great way to see the world and a fun way of bonding with your new pup!

Teddy says "I love going out with Mum, the highlight of my puppy trips was a visit to Carluccios in Putney where I managed to eat half her chicken pate on toast from the comfort of my carrier!'

3. Public Transport - hopping on and off the tube, bus or train can take it's strain at the best of times. Keeping your pooch feeling safe and secure inside a carrier is a great way to travel - escalators, sliding doors and lifts aren't safe for little paws!

Teddy says "I ABSOLUTELY hate lifts and the tube can sometimes feel too crowded for my liking. Having a view of London from inside my carrier is what I like best and when it's safe to do so I can hop out and explore on paw"

Dog Carrier

4. Poorly Pups - whilst we hope it's not something you have to experience, a poorly pup can often need an extra bit of TLC. Trips to and from the vets can be made easier and more comfortable with a cushioned carrier. 

Teddy says "last year I was a poorly pup for several days after eating something I shouldn't have. After four days on a drip and lots of love from the vets I was able to be released. It felt great to curl up in my carrier on the journey home"

5. About Town - meeting friends for a cuppa (make that Champagne) or browsing the Kings Road - we are big fans of dog friendly shops and cafes. We love Californian inspired hangout Hally's in Parsons Green for a delicious brunch. For pooches who love to arrive in style our carriers do just that. On the flip side, for places that aren't so welcoming a carrier can also come in handy too :-)

Teddy says "as a Dachshund who loves to shop I don't need an excuse to head into Town for a Puppaccino and a good browse. When it gets busy i'm safe inside my carrier with a birds eye view of the latest fashions"
Teddy's Top Tip 1: get your dog used to their new carrier by opening it up on the floor with some treats and letting them snuggle in.
Teddy's Top Tip 2: if you need to shorten the length of the trigger hook inside your carrier consider putting a double knot through it first
Dog Carrier for Small Dog
We hope our short guide has helped. And don't forget, we always recommend that you use a dog harness with your carrier with the trigger hook inside to safely secure your dog. You can view our latest collection of carriers HERE
Team Teddy Maximus

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