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Puppy Love - Are You Ready For Dog Ownership?

So you've decided to get a puppy, congratulations! We're super excited for you. But before we get carried away, are you ready for dog ownership? Like REALLY ready? Poo, mess and all?

As the inspiration behind the brand, Mr Teddy Maximus himself has brought incredible joy to our lives at HQ with the cutest little nose, huge lion paws and the softest fur (it still is). But guess what, even if it is love at first sight the reality involves toilet training, obedience training and shifting your priorities.

So if you've thought this through amongst many other considerations we can't wait to meet your new little bundle of fluff! You'll soon be thinking "how did we ever live without you" (yes, even when your fav pair of 'Choos become chews!)

Teddy Maximus

Here are a few important points to think about before choosing your new arrival.  

- Look at your lifestyle (honestly) and how this works with the dog breed you are considering. You may have always pined after a Labrador but if you can't give them the exercise they need, you'll soon find a happy bouncy puppy turning into a destructive and sad little pup. Did you know that there are 217 pedigree dog breeds to choose from? You can meet them all at Discover Dogs. We'll also be there and look forward to seeing you!

- Do Your Research - head to the Kennel Club for breed specific information. When buying from a breeder, ensure they are Kennel Club assured and check whether people are members by phoning the Kennel Club or emailing

- Consider Rehoming. There are so many rescue dogs out there looking for a loving home. Did you know that the Kennel Club have a breed rescue service who can direct you to rescue services near to you? Experienced shelters will be able to help you choose a dog who will settle into your set up e.g. some dogs may be better in a child free environment whilst others may thrive in it. We recommend speaking to The Mayhew, The Dogs Trust, Battersea Dog's Home and All Dog's Matter.

- There are some key do's and don't when buying a puppy, the Kennel Club have a comprehensive list. You can check on the Kennel Club website to see which health tests your breeder has given to the parents of your puppy, helping you to understand the future health of your pup. Well worth a visit.

- Avoid supporting puppy farming at all costs - visit PupAid for more information. 

 Wishing you many happy moments with your new canine friend and thanks for reading!


 Teddy Maximus wears his personalised coat

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