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Finding the Perfect Small Puppy Carrier Bag for Your Little Friend

Are you looking for the perfect small puppy carrier bag to safely and comfortably transport your little furry friend around town? Choosing the right puppy bag can make all the difference in providing your puppy with a secure and enjoyable travel experience so they can socialise in comfort. In this guide, we will explore how to select the best carrier bag for your puppy's needs, ensuring that they stay happy on the go!

Understanding Your Puppy's Needs

Before looking for a suitable small puppy carrier bag, it's important to closely evaluate the specific needs of your puppy such as size and weight but also understanding their personality and behaviour. Some puppies might prefer the snug security offered by an enclosed space, finding solace in the intimacy it provides.

Other puppies might revel in a more open setting that permits them to maintain visual contact with their environment, alleviating any potential anxiety. Our 2-in-1 dog carrierscan be used zipped up for super snuggles or can be unzipped all the way open, giving versatility as a travel bed on the go. Our tote carriers feel slightly more snug and enclosed with a removable fleece liner, which puppy mummas also love. 

The Importance of Size and Comfort

The internal environment of the carrier must be inviting and snug, equipped with soft padding that acts as a bed for your puppy to rest upon. Our Sand Sheltie Dog Carriercomes with a gorgeous biscuit fleece lining which is practical and cosy! 

Choosing the right size for your puppy's carrier bag is key to their overall comfort. The space within the carrier should allow for natural movement, whilst giving a feeling of closeness to you. 

We recommend a size small for dogs up to 4.5kgs in our 2-in-1 style and a size medium for dogs from around 4.5kgs to around 8/9kgs. Our tote style is suitable for dogs up to around 8kgs.

Every aspect of the carrier's design, from its dimensions to the quality of its interior fabric, should cater to making your puppy's journey as comfortable as possible, reflecting a home away from home.

Features to Consider

A puppy bag should help your dog feel comforted - many of our carriers come with adjustable straps so you can alter how close they are to you, whilst finding the most comfortable position for your shoulders.

You may also want to consider the fabric of the bag - are you an adventurer who loves to go out in all weathers? Then you might want a waterproof fabric such as The Adventurer or The Explorer, designed for active dog pawrents! 

Luxury Dog Carrier by Teddy Maximus

Are you looking for a high level of luxury and style for dogs who love to feel pampered? You might want to consider a dog carrier that comes lined with the softest faux fur, a handy side pocket and adjustable straps such as the Queen Bee or The Louis!

Do you like to go hands free? Then our tote bag comes with multiple pockets for dog treats, your phone and other things such as a purse. 

Style and Functionality: Finding the Balance

Becoming a dog mum can feel like a big step, especially if it's your first puppy! Finding the right tools to help you and your pup bond and have fun is key to a well socialised dog who loves to come with you wherever you go!  

There's no reason why your dog carrier can't look great and deliver all the keys things for you and your puppy too. Think carefully about what you need and where you'll be using a pet carrier and you'll be well prepared for adventuring together! 

We have added a wipe proof base to many of our carriers such as The Belgravia - which is great for when you are about town and putting your carrier on the floor. And don't forget that many of our styles also come with a handy d-ring so you can attach your keys, a treat bag or poo bag holder! 

Introducing your Pup to their New Dog Bag

We recommend introducing your pup to their new carry bag once they've had plenty of exercise and burnt off excess energy! Find a quiet spot to put the carrier on the floor and let them hop in with a cosy blanket and treats inside.

Remember to give plenty of praise. The carrier should become a safe space for them to feel happy and secure. Especially if you plan to use it in cafes, public transport or going to the shops. Creating a happy home from home will mean you can always have them by your side, knowing they'll be content.

Leave the carrier where you can supervise them so they can hop in and enjoy it as a cosy bed to catch a few zeds! Most dogs quickly become very attached to their little happy place, whilst some take a little longer. They key is to ensure they always feel happy to hop in and the best way to do that is taking your time and making it a fun, bonding experience. 

We hope some of these tips have helped and wish you every happiness embarking on new adventures with your puppy! A dog carrier can unlock so many opportunities for travelling with your little bff by your side!

Warmest woofs,

Holly & Teddy xxx

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