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Entertaining Your Dog with Lick Mats: A Guide

Lick mats have become increasingly popular as a way to keep dogs entertained and mentally stimulated. These simple yet effective tools can provide hours of fun for your furry friend. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of lick mats for dogs and how to use them in a fun way to keep your dog pawfectly occupied. 

What Are The Benefits of Using Lick Mats For Dogs?

Lick mats serve as an innovative solution to engage your dog's natural instincts and provide a source of entertainment that goes beyond the ordinary. The textured surfaces are a geat canvas to spread a variety of yummy treats over, such as peanut butter or wet dog food.

This encourages your dogs to use in their innate desire to lick and forage, offering a stimulating and enjoyable experience. The act of licking is soothing for dogs and taps into their need for exploration and taste.

The process of working for their food is both satisfying and comforting. By mimicking natural behaviours, lick mats provide a fulfilling activity that dogs are instinctively drawn to, making them an essential tool for any pet owner looking to enrich their dog's daily routine.

Trio of dog lick mats in green, blue and pink.

How to Choose The Right Lick Mat For Your Dog

Choosing an appropriate lick mat for your canine companion involves a few key considerations to ensure it meets their needs and preferences.

The size of your dog plays an important role in this decision-making process. Smaller breeds may benefit from a compact mat that they can easily access, whilst larger dogs might find a broader mat more satisfying to use, allowing them ample space to engage fully with the activity.

A lick mat that is dishwasher safe will save you time and ensure the mat is properly sanitised. By carefully selecting a lick mat that matches your dog's size, interests, and needs, you can provide them with endless hours of enjoyment and stimulation.

Creative Ways to Use Lick Mats for Enrichment

To maximise the enjoyment and enrichment your dog gets from their lick mat, consider mixing up the treats.

For a refreshing summertime treat, spread a thin layer of plain unsweetened yoghurt or pureed fruit on the mat and then freeze it. This not only prolongs the licking activity but also provides a cooling effect.

For dogs that are quick eaters, combining their usual wet food with a sprinkle of kibble and peanut butter across the mat can slow down their eating pace, making mealtime both a challenge and a delight.

Introducing a variety of dog friendly spreads, from savoury peanut butter to meat pates can keep the activity exciting and unpredictable, encouraging them to engage their senses and problem-solving skills!

You can check out our full range of enrichment lick mats and toys for dogs here.

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