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Arriving Home With Your New Puppy

Congratulations! Arriving home with your new puppy is a momentous occasion. If you are reading this then your new arrival may be imminent. There is nothing better than warm, fury cuddles! A faithful friend for life.  

Firstly it’s important to remember that if you are bringing a puppy home they will have just left their mother and littermates. If you are homing a rescue, they'll be leaving familiar surroundings and people. Arriving into your home they'll be surrounded by new sounds, sights and smells. 

Before settling your pup in and letting them sniff around their new surroundings, take them to their 'toilet spot' outdoors to relieve themselves. Especially if you've had a long journey. Starting toilet training straight away is good discipline and helps get into a routine. 

Once indoors, calmly introduce your dog to their new family - teach your children to handle and approach the dog gently, giving them space. Puppys require alot of sleep, so teach any children in your household to give the new family member quiet time. 

Give your pup their own area, with a few familiar objects. For example, our dog carriers double as handy little travel beds - you may like to put this on the floor with a blanket in for them to snuggle down into if they've travelled home in it. Supervise them at all times and watch out for hazards you may have missed. (Top tip: puppys loves to chew! Ensure your dog carrier is put well out of reach when you aren't in the room. Sprays such as Grannicks Bitter Apple can come in handy for a number of objects).

Dogs thrive on routine as you'll fast discover, so start to establish this from the outset and it will be much easier for you all. Decide how you'll be feeding your pooch - seek advice from your breeder or rescue centre on current feeding routines. If you plan to change their food, you'll want to do this gradually as little tummies can be sensitive.

Keep food bowls and water bowls in the same place and in the coming days you'll want to begin teaching them good manners to avoid possessiveness around food bowls (e.g. sitting whilst preparing food).

When taking your pup to the toilet, always take them to a designated spot outside and have a 'buzz' word (e.g. 'wee, wee'/'toilet' etc!). Offer plenty of praise when they go in their spot and perhaps a treat too.

Now read our guide for your first night with your new pooch! 

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