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The making of...a Teddy Maximus Luxury Carrier

We're delighted that so many pooches are enjoying our luxury carriers - Chihuahuas, Dachshunds, small Terriers and pups of every breed! Many of you are interested to hear the story behind them - so we're sharing it with you...

As with any Teddy Maximus product, our materials are carefully sourced, the carrier is made in England and road tested by dog owners for style, comfort and luxury...

Our exclusive signature fabric is printed in England and arrives ready for a team of talented craftsman to cut out along with a super cosy fleece lining. The pieces are then carefully stitched together with padded walls. 

We spend extra time making pockets (so you can store those very important treats) as well as a special cushion insert for the cosiest ride. Here's Teddy himself trying out the cushion pad - it passed the paw of approval! 

Did we ever think we'd find a British piping company (and we don't mean of the musical variety!)? Well we were amazed to find a wonderful family firm who specialises in just that. Our piping arrives on beautiful rolls ready to carefully stitch into our signature print carriers (and our signature print cushions too). It's the attention to detail that really sets them apart.  

Last we sew in the leather straps. These make our carriers really special. Ever wonder how they are made?

Well, first we carefully select the leather (always in person to ensure it's the best) and next we take it to a skilled leather worker who cuts and measures the straps. We follow every step of the process - take a look at the video here to see the straps being made ready for your carrier! The long ruler is actually a cutter which goes into the press. 

We're delighted to hear that not only do your pooches often refuse to leave the comfort of their new ride (we don't blame you!) but they are also doubling up as a great bed. The luxury zips can be undone all the way to open up the carrier. We love a 2 in 1 accessory!

We hope you've enjoyed the insight...let us know if you'd like to hear more about any of our other products, we'd be delighted to share.

 And here's a Gallery featuring some very happy pooches - enjoy! 

We love seeing your photos - please keep sharing them with us!
*please ensure your dog is always supervised when using the carrier and is a suitable weight for safe use. We recommend that your dog's harness or collar is attached to to the trigger hook inside the carrier. Do not overload the carrier.
Please email if you have any questions. 

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