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Pups for Polo @ the Royal Salute Coronation Cup

This weekend Teddy Maximus spent the weekend in Windsor, soaking up the sun and kitting out some very lucky pooches at the Royal Salute Coronation Cup.

Our luxury 'pup-up' hosted humans and hounds from across the UK. The cup was a dog friendly event which Mr Teddy Maximus awarded with his paw of approval. 

The Commonwealth team narrowly defeated England 12-11 in a gripping game with the standard of play said to be the best ever. His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh presented the prestigious Coronation Cup (we're hoping he brings the Corgis next year)! 

If you are new to the rules and regs of Polo we thought you might find these top tips interesting...

- The name 'polo' is derived from the Indian 'pulu' for the wood from which the ball was made.  

- It is said that the first recorded game occurred about 600 BC in North Persia from where it spread East as far as China and Japan. However, it was not until around the middle of the 19th Century that the beginnings of polo as we know it today took shape. Soldiers and merchants in Northern India adopted a game then played by Manipuri hillsmen. 

- Heard of Divot-stomping? No it's not the latest dance craze...divot stomping is a long-standing half-time tradition. Spectators converge on the field tostomp down the turf that has been torn up by the pony's hooves.

- Familiar with the term “Chukker”? Not to be confused with having a tantrum, polo matches are divided into periods of play known as chukkers. The word 'chukka' comes from the Indian word for a circle or round.

Celebrities and VIPs who have tried their hand at Polo are said to include Walt Disney, as well as the President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

If you are interested in finding out more, visit The Guards Polo Club HERE

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